Previous Meeting Minutes

November 2020

1. Everyone has liked the changes we started at the last meeting. We will continue to assign 3 people per classroom; a teacher, a co-teacher and a helper. Helpers will be floated as needed from their assigned classes.

2. Potluck- leadership team plan on setting up in the gym around 9ish. Plates, utensils etc are available through the church. Please post what you're bringing on the correct thread.

3. Dec 4th party- plan on doing a leadership meeting at 9am. We will then help set up at the church, with the party starting at 11. Samantha and Cassandra are buying some simple crafts for kids to do. The teen teachers will set up a teen only gift exchange. We will ask each each family to bring 1 xmas book (new or used) to exchange.

4. The overall vote was to bring back 1 field trip/social per month. We would like to DROP rotation class. Instead, we would like to offer courses you could take for the semester. Example: cooking with books or zoology. We want to offer 3 options for 5-10 year olds. 2 options for 11+, and one 4 and under class (may need to split depending on # of kids). With 6-7 classes in total, we can stay in just the one hallway of the church. Makes clean up, pick up, etc easy.

5. Jan 8 @10am leadership meeting (finalizing classes sign-ups, etc) Jan 15- parents meet and greet, sign ups for classes, etc. Jan 27- first class.


HOMEWORK: please come this Friday with an idea of what you would like to teach/do. If you decide to teach, you will be the teacher for the semester, you pick the curriculum, and kids will sign up for your class for the whole semester (not week by week). Here are the assignments that need to be filled for the semester (Anything not filled by the leadership team by this Friday, we will see if there are any interested parents to teach): 1 teacher for 4 and under 3 teachers for 5 - 10 year olds. 2 teachers for 11+ 1 "principal" (what @Robyn Jinkins does now) 1 cleaner (do we still need this position with the way we've changed things? Or maybe change to a co principal?) At our dec. 4 meeting, please be prepared with a curriculum and budget ideas. We will discuss field trip ideas, capping # of families/children, finalize day of the week (obviously January dates above are not set in stone), budget talks.